Phylogenetic Relationships - 2004 40 taxa morphology and 28S rDNA combined

Strict consensus topology of 16 most parsimonious trees (parsimony-informative characters 475, steps 1876, Ci 0.36, Ri 0.61) obtained from combined analysis of morphological and 28S rDNA sequence data in TNT and aligned in Dialign2. Bootstrap values (> 50%) above and Bremer support values below branches. Taxa with asterisks are paraphyletic.

Indications of this analysis:

  • Asilidae is monophyletic
  • a taxon (Leptogastrinae Trigonomiminae) is a derived taxon within Asilidae
  • a taxon (Apocleinae (Asilinae Ommatiinae)) is the adelphotaxon to the remaining Asilidae