Linnaeus II by ETI

Linnaeus II is a software application developed by taxonomists of ETI - Expert Centre for Taxonomic Identification, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. It is used to publish biodiversity information, i.e. identification tools, species pages, species databases, biogeography tools and references for a particular taxon, on the world wide web or on CD-ROM.

Below are screen shots of a biodiversity tool summarising knowledge of the genus Euscelidia Westwood, 1850 (Asilidae: Leptogastrinae) that is based on the taxonomic revision of that genus by Torsten Dikow (2003. Revision of the genus Euscelidia Westwood, 1850 (Diptera: Asilidae: Leptogastrinae). African Invertebrates 44(2): 1–131). It can be accessed as a web-site from all over the world to identify flies of this genus with dichotomous and matrix-based keys. Just follow this link to use it.

Another taxonomix revision that I have uploaded to the internet with Linnaeus II is the taxonomic revision of Lasiocnemus (Loew, 1851) (Asilidae: Leptogastrinae). This revision has been published in African Entomology 15(1): 57–74 and can be accessed with this link.

Home-page of the EuscelidiaTool

A species-page featuring Euscelidia longibifida.

The Atlas tool summarising the species diversity of species of Euscelidia. The darker the green the more species occur in one grid square.