Phylogenetic Relationships - 2005 45 taxa morphology and 28S, CAD, and EF-1alpha combined

Single most parsimonious cladogram (17,334 steps) from combined analysis of morphology and DNA sequences of 28S rDNA, CAD, & EF-1alpha (approximately 4500 base pairs) in POY. Bremer support above and Jackknife values (> 50%) below branches.

Indications of this analysis:

  • Asilidae is paraphyletic in respect to Opomydas townsendi (Mydidae)
  • Leptogastrinae is a derived taxon within Asilidae
  • Trigonomiminae is paraphyletic in respect to Damalis monochaetes
  • Asilinae is paraphyletic in respect to Stiphrolamyra angularis
  • future addition of morphological characters and addition of sequences for few species, in which certain fragments could not be amplified at this stage, will increase ingroup resolution
  • with enhanced future sampling of outgroup Asiloidea species it is hoped to show that Asilidae is indeed monophyletic as has never been doubted from a morphological standpoint