Bathypogoninae sensu Dikow 2009a

Bathypogon nigrinus ANIC.


  • Bathypogon
  • Autapomorphies: None.
  • Additional apomorphic character states:
    – macrosetae on lateral margin of frons present (49)
    – anterior anepisternal setae absent (78)
    – protuberance on anterior metathoracic coxae present and blunt distally (113)
    – R2+3 arching anteriorly in about 90 degrees angle (142)
    – R4 strongly sinuate (144)
    – male with large cylindrical lateral ejaculatory process (213)
  • Notes:
    The Bathypogonini has been described by Artigas & Papavero (1991) as a taxon within their Stenopogoninae based on the Australian genus Bathypogon and on Carebaricus from Chile and Argentina. The single included species from Australia representing this taxon, Bathypogon nigrinus, does not group with any other Stenopogoninae sensu previous authors and therefore is recognised here as a separate taxon. Carebaricus has not been included in Dikow (2009) and it cannot be confirmed whether it groups with Bathypogon.